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We, Sale Zari , We have been engaged with in buying old pattu sarees with reasonable price. We are buying all type of any condition damaged Old pattu pudavai, Old pattu dhotis, Old tissu sarees, Old gimigi sarees, Old banaras sarees, Old mysore sarees, Old venkatagiri sarees, Old Salmapurini Ariya, Old Garga Sarees, Old Choli, Old 9 Arts sarees, Old mysore tissue saree, Old tharmapuram tissue saree, Old thirupuvanam tissue saree, Old jakkadu tissue saree, Jarget sarees, Jimmiki sarees, Old aalaya mani tissue saree, Old silk tissue saree, Old handloom tissue saree, etc. We are the Best & dedicated old things buyers. Old Cotton Sarees, Nylon Sarees, Old waste sarees, Old pattu cotton Dhoties, Old silver Zari Items, Pure Silver Zari today market rate buying. Any old waste scrap buying etc.Bangalore, Andra pradesh,Chennai, Kerala, Mumbai.



Sale Zari

We, Sale Zari Old Pattu Saree Buyers , have been engaged with in buying old pattu sarees with Reasonable & Highest price.

Old Pattu Sarees

In any condition at kancheepuram mill rate. on ready cash. Old tissue saree price ranging from Rs, 1000 to Rs, 1,00,000 onward buying.

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We are buying all type of Silk Sarees any condition at Kanchipuram Mill Rate damaged Old pattu Sarees, Old pattu dhotis, Old tissue sarees, Old gimigil sarees…

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Just Give us a call,we come to your home any day & Buy old silk sarees

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After placing the order, you will be receiving Secure Packing Box and Tamper Proof Cover from sale zari to pack your Items.

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Pack your items inside the box and seal box with Tamper Proof Cover.

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Upon receiving at Oldzari, your items will go for Quality Test and Selling Price will be shared with you.

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If you are satisfied with the Selling Price, sell your item(s) and Get paid to your Bank account or UPI.


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Visit any nearby zarisale.com silk sarees Company branch and get the best value for your old pattu sarees .

Zarisale.com ,Company is the top old silk sarees buyer who offer the best price for your old silk saree and old wedding sarees instantly Current Market Price.

Old silk sarees and old wedding pattu sarees, any Other type of old pattu sarees at any condition Exchange at in Zarisale.com

One way to determine if a saree is made with pure zari silk is to touch it feel it. Pure zari has a soft, smooth, texture that flows seamlessly with the silk thread of the saree. It also has a beautiful shine that reflects light wight and , but is not overly flashy. Pure zari may also appear to change tones under different lights. In contrast, tested zari tends to feel stiffer & hard to the touch and does not flow as smoothly as pure zari.

The value of an old zari item is largely determined by the percentage of silver and copper and gold plating it contains. Older sarees tend to have a higher percentage of these precious metals because they were cheaper to produce in the past. The table below provides an example of the typical proportions of silver, gold, copper, and silk that are used in pure Kanchipuram silk sarees,mysore silks, banaras silks, handloom silks,Thiripuvanam silk sarees,

Components Percentage

SILVER  57 to 60 %

SILK        22 to 24%

GOLD    0.40 to 0.70%

COPPER                25 to 30%

Kanchipuram and Thirupuvanam, mysore silks, banaras silk sareesKa traditionally contained a higher proportion of silver and copper gold plating but as the cost of these precious metals increased over time, the proportion of silver and gold plating in these sarees decreased. Instead, the proportion of copper increased in order to keep the cost of production down. However, many people still value Kanchipuram sarees for their traditional craftsmanship and the quality of the materials used, and they are often willing to pay a premium for sarees that contain a higher percentage of silver and gold.

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I sold my old pattu sarees at best price ... Sale Zari team explains you very detailedly and politely ... I feel this place is worthy to sell old pattu sarees compared to other places around ... Over all well satisfied with their customer support ...sale zari team

Gayathri Shanaker Bangaluru ,karnataka

When you go to sale zari to sell old silk sarees, this is the perfect place for resale. There are a lot of cheats who'll try to cheat you. Don't get fooled. Just go to Sale zari . They come in two wheelers posing as public who are trying to help you and will suggest other places. Don't believe them

Nandhini kerala india

Best shop to sell your old pattu sarees I got more cash for my sarees... This shop had a great service Good place to sell your shop

Dhinesh Mumbai Maharashtra

Excellent explanations regarding purchase and sale of pure silks gave an estimation and it was our wish to sell our old sarees or not . Most humble and best Shop we would recomend for Old silk sales

Kaviya Kannan Hyderabad Telangana
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